MasterCard were building a website through which they would offer market-leading applications and services to their small business customers.

I helped the key stakeholders of the project through the process of identifying the best key sales messages, which would be used on the website homepage and in an email campaign to compel customers to take up this new offering.

This process consisted of three stages.

Identifying the key messages

I worked with MasterCard to define the key messages they wanted to push. This resulted in the creation of a messaging stack.



Creation of a Platform Messaging Guide

Once the key messages had been defined, I created a platform messaging guide.

This document outlined essential details for marketing the website, including the intended target audience, the challenges and needs that were being addressed by each application offered, the headline messaging for the platform, and a series of blurbs of varying length that could be used in marketing materials to explain the proposition



Implementation on the platform

With the key messages defined and written into the client’s tone of voice, I could now write the copy that would go on the platform.

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