A good CV can be the difference between your dream job and unemployment.

Recruiters will see hundreds of CVs a day. If yours is too long, poorly formatted and badly written, it will soon be languishing at the bottom of the pile.

So what’s the key to an irresistible CV?

It’s about branding yourself perfectly to the job you want. It’s about talking up how you can benefit the company; about selling your career potential and showing them how you’re a sound, intelligent investment.

It’s about short, concise sentences, bullet points and the total absence of waffle.


OK, you’ve convinced me. So what next?

We’ll talk

Get in touch and we’ll have an initial chat. You might have a specific job in mind, or you might just have an idea of type of role you want.

I’ll do some research

If you have an existing CV, send it across to me. I’ll go away and look into job specs for similar roles and work out what common things reoccur: what skills and personal qualities are being sought after.

I’ll write

From here, I’ll set to work and start writing your CV.

You’ll review

Once the initial draft is complete, you can review the copy and provide feedback. I’ll make any changes you require (you can request as many edits as you like until it’s signed off).  Once you’re happy, you can sign off and provide the final payment.

Contact me