BCSG is a technology company based in the heart of Shoreditch.

I completed many projects for them, including writing their website from scratch, ghostwriting numerous blog posts (and self-authoring others), developing their tone of voice and creating a content strategy.


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BCSG’s proposition can be fairly confusing for the layman, but in a nutshell, they build platforms that enable banks and telcos to sell apps to their business customers.

To garner business, they needed a website that spoke to senior stakeholders in these banks and telcos, explaining why their company needs such a platform, and why they should choose BCSG to provide it.

This project involved a great deal of research into the nature of the banking and telco industries, how they are changing, what threats incumbents face, and how they can meet these challenges.

Blog posts

how-services-combined-with-technology-drive-success-bcsg   how-cloud-services-can-transform-small-businesses-bcsg

BCSG wanted to position themselves as a thought-leader in their industry. One of the key ways they sought to achieve this was through engaging and original blog posts.

I interviewed the business’ key stakeholders regularly on a range of topics, and produced either ghostwritten opinion pieces for them, or objective state-of-the industry analysis.



Working with the BCSG marketing and design teams, I helped create the BCSG brandbook. My task involved defining the company’s tone of voice, as well as helping develop the strap-lines, values, objectives and overall brand persona.

Content strategy

Working with the Head of Marketing and his team, I helped develop a comprehensive content strategy for BCSG, This was a detailed process that involved the following:

  • Creating a detailed content inventory of all the business’ existing content.
  • Analysing the business’ user persona profiles, and matching each piece of existing content to its relevant persona.
  • The development of an editorial calendar for future content.
  • Working with the marketing team to define the buyer journey for BCSG clients.
  • Developing ideas for blog posts, whitepapers, research, press releases and other content to target BCSG’s user persona types at each stage of the buyer journey.
  • Chairing a weekly meeting in which the editorial team would discuss future ocntent ideas and the status of content currently being developed.