So you’ve got a shiny, brand new website telling the world how great your business is. Now you just sit there and watch it climb up the Google rankings, right? Wrong.

Pretty soon, Google is going to get tired of looking at the same content over and over again. It might even begin to think you’re not actually using the site.

Which is why you need unique, relevant and frequently posted content. If only there was a medium for that…


Increase sales leads

A well-run blog, filled with useful blog posts that your potential visitors want to read, can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Blogging increases the ways people can find your website. More site visitors means more potential leads, as well increased brand awareness.


How does it work?

We’ll talk

Drop me a line and we’ll arrange a chat.

We’ll talk all about your business – what you do, how you position yourself in the market, what you want to achieve.

We’ll talk about your brand and tone of voice – how do you want to speak to potential customers? What do you want them to come away feeling about your business?

And we’ll talk about your budget, how many posts you want a week and how much input you want to have during the process.

Once we’re finished, I’ll have the tools I need to get your message across effectively.

You might already have a bunch of subjects, blog post titles and keywords in mind – great, I’ll get to work.

Or you might want more help: let’s brainstorm some areas you want to cover, I’ll develop an editorial calendar of engaging blog post ideas, and we can go from there.

I’ll write

You’ll receive compelling, well-researched blog post copy that aligns perfectly with your company’s brand voice.

They will be on time and on message.

You’ll review

I’ll send across the final draft for you to review, and make any changes required based on your feedback before you sign it off.

I’ll post it

To save you time and make the whole process even easier, I’ll also post the content for you. That includes optimising it for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), with meta-titles, descriptions and tags in line with the latest best practices.

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